Jadia: Lost Soul

Suddenly Linsey and Allan came running over to them and tried to attack Caleb. Just as Jadia thought that it wasn’t working and that the latter had done something marvellous when he turned himself into stone, Allan punched Caleb in the chest and his rock covering crumbled. Jadia realised then that they weren’t gonna stop hurting him until Caleb was dead!

She cried and tried to pull them off him, but they were too strong. Even Kevin seemed bent on destroying what was left of the pour soul. From the other side of Caleb, Jadia saw Sapphire. She was being protected by Caleb and crying too. Surely the others could see that Caleb wasn’t bad…

Surely they could see, like her, that love was all he wanted.

Well, they hadn’t grown up with him.

The End

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