Jadia: Familiar Features


Jadia went into the kitchen for one moment, and heard the trap-door close being her. What…no, they won’t be able to get out. Was her only thought before the ceiling came crashing down and the World blacked out.

The distorted face of the Earth-boy appeared; he was destroying the house, setting them all free, but in different way. Some free to love, others free from their captivity, even some free from their stone bindings. The image morphed into a smiling face, an evil grin spread with bloody lips and a forked tongue. It laughed and spoke, but its voice was rushed and at a pitch too deep for normal human ears to understand. Its body contorted and the snake lunged forward…

Jadia regained consciousness, but her head killed. She touched a bump on her forehead gingerly and felt blood. Urg, what happened? Then the vision came back to her. Adam. He had destroyed the building and left them all to die in the rubble.

But something wasn’t right, what was the rest of that vision? Oh…it was…something. Jadia’s head pounded even more as she tried to recall the rest of the image, but all she seemed to get now was a snake-tongued face, nothing more. Jadia frowned.

Something tells me Adam isn’t the only bad guy. She thought.

Jadia crawled through the dirty rubble, ripping her cardigan on various bits of metal sticking out of the mess: nails, window shards, bits of doorknobs… Then she climbed out onto…a beach?

“Well, this was unexpected…” She said to herself and slowly wondered over to Kevin who was kneeling over something.

There was a statue lying on the floor. Jadia crouched down and inspected it, expecting the solid face of Sapphire. The face she looked into shocked Jadia far more.

“Caleb?” She whispered, touching the stone cheek. “Why didn’t I recognise you beforehand?”

“You know him?” Kevin spat, disgusted.

Jadia looked up at him, tears blinked in her eyes; tears of anger, tears of joy, tears of sorrow…

“Caleb’s my estranged brother…”

The End

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