Linsey: Pain.

I shake my head.  Adam's weak, too weak to fight back.

I got over, click my knuckles, and punch him square in the face. He screams out. The guys have got him again. Ican feel my body wanting to faze. I step back. I can't let myself change into that. Not after last time. I know if I stay here beating Adam up, I'll change and everyone will be in danger.

"Stop." I tell them, looking at Allan. They all turn to my confused. My face is grim, a mask covering up my feelings.

"He can't fight back. There's no put killing him." I turn and started walking away when a strong grip pulls me back. I'm turn, staring into the face of Allan. "He tried to kill us. He tried to kill you." He spoke through gritted teeth. I lookinto his eyes. "Don't Allan. There's too much death." I pull my arm free and walk off, staring down at the scar I got when my parents died.

I sit down by a tree. I start to run my fingers down my scar on my arm, thinking about that night. I close my eyes at let the pain take over, ripping at every bit of me. I can feel my eyes get wet. I didn't man too. I was scared, they tried to help me. I attacked, trying to hide away.

I can feel someone sit next to me and put his arms around me. I don't have to have my animal senses to know it's Allan.

I rap my arms around him and pulled him close, tears spilling down my face. I'm in too much pain to care. "I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to." I sob into Allans t-shirt.

The End

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