Adam: Beating

All I could feel was immense pain, tears fell down my eyes as I stared at Sapphire, she could see the pain on my face but my eyes were only for her.

A white hot anger filled me as flung a pillar of rock at my attackers face. Before I knew it my rock was blocked by a pale blue forcefield. My attack did nothing.

The wall came towards me, immediately I sprang my arms out to defend Sapphire who was almost crying. I took the full force of the impact which ripped apart my top and the bottom half of my jeans and shoes.

I knew my old scars covered my body, a present from my dad. This got me angrier. I was getting tired now, I could barely stand but still I had to protect Saph.

My eyes were popping, my face a deep shade of purple, a sick parody of what it used to be. His waves kept coming, slowly draining me. I took them all for Sapphire. I turned my back on them and stared into her face. I could feel the sweat and exhaustion on my own as I gazed upon her beauty.

"," I muttered. I embraced her then and kissed her as the tears fell down my cheeks. One more wave pulsed on my back and I fell to my hands and knees, "no..." I whispered faintly, "don't hurt her for helping me," I muttered.

They came towards me then. Allan grabbed me whilst Kevin's fist turned to ice. I felt each punch go through my weakened self, shaking my soul yet still I could not tear my gaze from Sapphire as the first tear fell.

"For you," I repeated.

The End

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