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Just as Linsey drags me out of the room the building mysteriously collapses and something hits me hard on the head and everything went black. This was getting hugely annoying its the third time today I've been unconciouse. Isn't the max two before brain damage or death? Lets hope i'm not brain damaged.

I wake up to sunlight, Linsey isn't beside me anymore. I hope she didn't get hurt.As the world adjust better I look at the roof it was teetering on just falling . Oh please just don't fall. I think as I get up but. Stupid I hear a crack and look up to see it fall. I put my arm instinctively, and as I do the atmosphere around me seems to magnify and glow slightly blue. The rubbel hits and bounces off.

" Alright how did I do that?" I ask out loud.  In the distance I hear yelling I begin to run and it doesn't take long to see Linsey tranforming into some sort of animal that was going to crush a statue shaped Adam. 

" Hey what exactly did mister stone do?" but I could guess. He must have brought the house down.

" He tried to kill us!" Linsey for whatever reason anwseres my question. 

Kevin punched the stone figure tried to have ice expand inside the rocks to kill him but it came to no avail.  Linsey tried to crush him with her elephant form but that only knocked him over.

" What ever he is made of, your not going to crush him, or break him." I put in.

"Then what you have in mind?" Kevin asks angerly.I smile, Linsey knew exactly what I was going to do, but didn't say anything.

" Adam , this is going to hurt a bunch."  I say as I press a fist against his chest. I  begin to leech of energy  the rock crumbles and he begins to yell in pain as the rock makes a new addition of sand to the beach.  It was miracle his body was still holding together as I pressed on further.

" Stop!" Saphire yells then tackels me over .  I quickly get onto my feet. Adam falls to the ground.  Linsey turns into an elephant to hold him down as Kevin deepfreezes him. I look at Saphire who was at the verge of crying but had no moisture in her eyes.

" Why did you do that?"  I ask completly baffeled, then Kevin adds " He tried to kill us all of us except  for you."   The Ice restraining Adam cracks.

" He shouldn't have enough energy to lift a finger let alone use his abilities." I mutter a rock pillar shoots at my face, I once again place my hand out and the barrier makes it self ,stopping the fist. I motion the barrier forwards, it destroys the pillar of rock and just barely stops at the ice restraining the maniac.  I look at my hand.

" How do I do that?" I ask myself.

" You don't know?" Linsey and Kevin ask almost united. The ice breaks apart completely, and everyones eyes return to Adam who looked a bit frosty, his body was shaking , he was definelty nearly at his limit.

The End

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