Linsey: A Little Birdie Told Me.

My eyes open to rubble everywhere, then I black out again.

I open my eyes to a tidy room. I shake myhead confused. What the hell has just happend? I get to my feet and notice that Allan is next to me, unconscious. I go over to him and check he's okay. I shrug, he'll be fine.

I walk out the room to the and see Kevin strom away from the celler, his fsts balled and covered in ice. Something's happend. I turn into a robin and follow him.

I look around. Are we on a beach? Wait. I extend all my senses. It's not a beach, it's a island! What the hell? I look down at Kevin and Sapphire. There's also a statue of Adam. No. It is Adam!

I swoop down lower, wanting to find out what's happening. Kevin looks angry and Sapphire a little confused. "Sure you do that, while I work out how to turn this bas***d back from stone so I can kill him!Or at least treat him to some of his own medicine." No way! Not flucking way!

It was Adam! Adam! He did something really wrong and he's gonna pay; big time!



The End

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