Sapphire: Statues

Hmm wow, looking into Adams eyes, it feels so magical, but it looks kinda familiar. He then takes me and gives me the most amazing kiss; its so amazing words can’t describe it. But then my limbs go rigid and everything goes blank.

I suddenly wake up in the midst of rubble, I lokk around at my surroundings which tell me I’m at some sort of beach. I look at Adam;

“What the..?”

"Shh, it's ok, we can be together now," he smiled that irresistible smile. Ok he is really confusing me.

"What? You did all this?" I asked kind of angry, "the others?”

“Dead” he says, making it sound obvious and casual. What? NO! he couldn’t have done, why did he do that to me? What about Jadia? And Linsey? And I almost smile at me thinking this, Kevin? I backed away from him, I need time to think. This gets me really angry, he then looks confused and asks me why. And he says that he willingly killed them, for me… Why, am I really worth that much. Me this insignificant little person, who has done nothing for the world, I am not special, why me?

He then tells me something that completely changes my life forever.

“I’m Caleb, we knew each other years before I had to move, I always loved you and now you love me, we can be together, and we can have our own house near the sea, away from everything, just like you always wanted." The house then rebuilds itself, "to live together," I try to take it all in but it’s too much. He touches my chin and liftes up my head,

"I did this for you, for us." I start to get mad but then the overwhelming sense of loss and pity and just wondering why did he do this to me? The next couple of seconds were a blur and all I remember was laying next to a cold and beautiful stone statue of my one true love, when Kevin, comes in looking pretty mad.  He spots the statue of Adam first, not really realising he was a statue until he came closer, and saw me.  I didn’t see him until he got closer;

“Adam when I get my hands on you! Oh, hey Saph, don’t worry it’ll be fine. Look I’m here!” he chuckles and pulls me up into a hug.

“But what if it’s not what if?” I start to cry again.

“Don’t worry” I look up at him, and something tells me to trust him.

“look, thanks and all Kevin, but I think I’m gonna go for a walk. Think about things”

“Sure you do that, while I work put how to turn this bas***d back from stone so I can kill him! Or at least treat him to some of his own medicine.” I can hardly hear what he’s saying as I have already gone through the hole that he had made in the wall.

The End

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