Kevin: Hell to Pay

Adam! Traitor! Son of a... everything went black, i used all my remaining strength to turn to ice to ensure my survival in the collapse. I wake up, possibly hours later, the wine cellar seemed to be in the same condition it was before. The wine was still in place! After a quick bottle, i left the wine cellar in search of the others, they will probably be around the building unconscious somewhere.

My mind returned to Adam before i thought of anything involving the others, I turned my fist into ice, and made it bigger and bigger, it was really heavy and i could barely pick it up, and then i smashed it into the wall totally eradicating it from my site.

I walk out, the sun in my eyes... Sun?
When i regain my vision i see water, and a beach type place, are we on an island?

I take my first footsteps out of the house and looked around, shocked of where we were... how did i end up HERE!

"I aint talking my way out of this one when my dad finds out" i say to myself

Then i just remembered Adam must still be in the wine cellar with Sapphire, i turned round and went back. Ive been trapped for god knows how long and now i want to go back in? I jumped down into the wine cellar.

"Okay bud, too far" i yell

The End

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