Adam: destruction

"You want something to eat?" Jadia asked, I shook my head but she went upstairs anyway. With the wave of a hand the oak tree fully blocked the trapdoor just as Jadia left.

"What-" Kevin began but before he could move I raised my hand and four spike shaped rocks came up from the ground and impaled his limbs, leaving him in a cross shape. He let out a feeble moan, his eyes rolling into his sockets. "What are you doing?" he tried to say.

"What I was asked," I growled, "but if you're referring to the bigger picture, I'm going to bring this house to the ground."


"Because I was asked to," I repeated.

"They'll protect themselves, Jadia will know-" "Jadia will sense only pain and fear, what one would expect in grief and they cannot protect themselves. What good is water against rock? Jadia is more about the mental than physical and Allan is busy at the moment, he wont even know what hit him and no matter what shape Linsey changes into, tonnes of rock will still kill her. "It was tough, after they bargained with me, I tunnelled in to here and pretended to accidentally drop a boulder on myself to look like I couldn't control my powers and explain my absence. Then I gained as much trust as I could so noone would suspect me when I changed Sapphire."

"Why did you?" he wondered.

"So she would survive, they said as long as I could find a way for her to survive without attracting attention, we could be together-"

"-but how did you know her-"

"-and I brought you down here because you would be my biggest threat, but in your weakened state, you're useless."

"How did you know who she was?" I stared at him in the eye,

"she was a childhood friend, when others would reject her, I never did, I always loved her in one form or another, but I was small and geeky back then and I've changed my name since, she doesn't recognise me..." I sighed then moved towards her motionless figure, "I'm doing this for you," I muttered, "so we could be together," with that I stomped on the ground. The force sped through the floor and up the walls. Suddenly an earthquake shook the world stronger than any that had ever occured. The roof collapsed, brick and wood exploded with glass in shards of deadly shrapnel. Furniture tipped and chasms opened up in the floor whilst spikes of rock shot upwards. I embraced the stone figure in the doorway as the house crumbled and fell down around us. I protected her, my cheek resting on her head as I turned myself into stone.


 I turned back into flesh, I did now know how long I'd been gone, but only brick and mortar surrounded me, the doorway leaving a small space around us. We were on a mountain with trees surrounding us and the sea in the distance. I could see them coming to inspect now.

There was no movement. I turned her back into flesh. She looked around then and almost fell over.

"What the..?"

"Shh, it's ok, we can be together now," I smiled.

"What? you did all this?" then something flashed across her face, "the others?"

"Dead," I said, as if it were obvious. She backed away from me, her face a violent shade of purple. "You're angry-"

"You're flaming right I'm angry, did you... willingly kill them?"

"I had to, so we could be together, i did this for you, I thought you'd be happy."

"Happy? how could you think that?" she looked at me strangely, with revulsion, "and you did it for me?" she looked sick and distant.

"God you still don't know?" I laughed childishly, I moved through the rubble towards her, "don't you recognise me?" I looked at her in the eye, "it's Caleb, we knew each other years before I had to move, I always loved you and now you love me, we can be together, and we can have our own house near the sea, away from everything, just like you always wanted." I waved my arms and the house rebuilt itself, "to live together," she barely moved, I touched her chin and lifted up her head, "I did this for you, for us."

"Don't say that," she mumbled.


"Don't blame me for killing all these people, don't-"

"-But I love-!"

"JUST DON'T!" she screamed.

I couldn't move, I felt a terrible pain and a void in my gut.

"You don't... want this... want me?"

"NO!" she laughed hysterically, "not like this..." she trailed off, "are you insane?"

"I'm in love," I whispered matter-of-factly.

I felt movement behind me.

I had failed, they weren't dead and she didn't love me.

Slowly my face froze in a mask of indescribable sadness and pain as I turned myself into stone. A state, I was afraid, I may never return from. 

The End

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