Linsey: Strange Feelings.

I leg it out of there, trying to find Allan in my tiger form.

I can sense him, he's close I know that.

I stop and extend my senses even more. Got him! He's in the room opposite me, I can't be bothered finding the proper door so I change into a elephent and charge at the wall. I faze back into me, still looking through all the rubble.

I run over to him eyes wide. There's something else here.I can sense it. What is it? I've sensed it before somewhere but what is it?

"Allan, get out  of here." I hiss at his confused expression. "Something's here Lins." I nod, looking around. Where is it? "I'm not leaving you on your own when something I can't see is around." I roll my red eyes. I thought I was stubbon.

I look at him, well it's more like a glare. He glares back. This guys got to learn to back down. I look away, feeling the invisable thing leave. I sigh. What is it? Where is it going?

I turn back to Allan and shake my head. He's bleeding, blood's running down his forehead. I wipe it away. We stare at each other for a while but I break the gaze. I feel weird. "We should get back. Somethings happened to Sapphire and I'm gonna find out what!" I grab his hand and take him out the room. I'm not gonna lose him again.

The End

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