Jadia: No Emotion

Jadia was just about to suggest that they start investigating the room when she heard the scream. Well it was more of a roar, but Jadia could sense pain and anguish…and confusion and fear. Tilting her head like a dog, Jadia realised that the sound must have come from the wine cellar. Sapphire! Was the first thought that popped into her head and, as normal, her initiative was right. Going down into the cellar and ignoring her vertigo, Jadia stood on one of the lower branches of the oak tree and could see everything from her point of view. Sapphire had just been turned to stone!

It didn’t take long for the others to follow.

Whoa, Sapphire’s stoned!" Kevin said loudly. Jadia hit his face, hard.

“Not funny.”

Gosh, why are men always so immature?

Suddenly the rest of the trapped persona were there too.

Jadia, don’t let them come down here,” Kevin told her, so she re-entered the kitchen to see Linsey, Kate and Ezzie curiously trying to peer down into the cellar.

“Okay, guys, we’ve got everything under control, okay? I think…Kate and Ezzie you guys please go and find us a nice sitting room where we can sit down and talk, and you tw- Hang on…Linsey where’s Allan? He was with us in the corridor next to that ‘double’ room, wasn’t he?”

Linsey gave a confused look around, and ran off the direction that she had come from. The other two left far more slowly, still trying to get a peek of what was happening, but finally gave up after Jadia stood her ground and called to them:

“I could stand here all day…”

After making sure everybody had gone completely, Jadia returned to cellar and carefully made her way down the oak tree. Kevin and Adam had been talking but they looked up when the girl arrived. Jadia looked closely at Sapphire.

“Is she okay?”

Adam shrugged; it seemed he didn’t want to talk about it. Jadia took a deep breath but felt her world collapsing as she continued to stare at the statue.

“We really need to find out what’s going on with this house, otherwise we really will end up killing each other…” Jadia felt soft salt tears fall down her face.

She studied the statue of Sapphire, trying to sense any emotion from her friend. So far…there was nothing.

The End

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