Allan: Interest

Jadia and Kevin take off for that mournfall roar. Now I could be wrong but I was pretty sure it had something to do with powers and a contact of a sort, and it doesn't take physcic to figure out that was mournful. Meaning some one and someone was kissing ,and well that apparently was a stupid idea. 

"While they deal with whatever that was, I'm going into this room anomaly." I say calmy then walk through the doorway.

Once I enter I turna around and the room behind me diasappeared , and melted into a mirror of the dining room with the antlers. Okay well call me tap dancing Mary and anvil on top of my head, i'm stuck.

" Oi Linsey, do you hear me?" I ask.  Out loud no response just a slight air current picks up in the room, " Alright then , now what?"  I talk to myself.

I hear a strong air current go by then something brushes hard up agianst my shoulder striking me down to the floor.  Light footstepos hit the floor and begin running off. 

" What the hell?" I get up and follow the steps but soon I just feel like i'm following an echo, " Alright this is begining to interest m, but yet irratating."  I say as I someone or something trys to come up behind me, I turn around but somehow get a kick to the back of the head wich sends me flying through the doorway into the next room.

" Cheater." I mumble as i get, and see no signs of any people or movement. What is this an illusion?

The End

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