Kevin: Stoned

Jadia seemed to have stopped still and jerked her head towards the door, as if to listen to something. Suddenly there was a loud roar, and Jadia started running, i followed her, but i was only walking, as running messes up my hair.

As i got to the kitchen, i saw that the entrance to the wine cellar was open, and i could hear some conversation, I jumped down and noticed a statue of Sapphire.

"Whoah Sapphires stoned!" i shouted, followed by a sharp slap to the face from Jadia she was almost in tears, and so was I, that hurt.

Adam seemed very depressed, sulking on the floor. Then more voices came from the trap door "whats going on?" said the voices.
"Jadia, dont let them come down here, ill tend to Adam" i say with urgency in my voice. Jadia did as i commanded and went to stop them from coming down.

I crouched down next to Adam"Go on tell me what happened...?"

The End

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