Adam: Medusa's Touch

"Sapphire..." I called softly, "I-er...have to talk to you."

She looked puzzled but followed me nonetheless. I moved to the trapdoor and oak tree until I reached the doorway that led from the larder to the wine cellar.

At the doorway I stopped. leaning casually against one side whilst she stood in front of me.

We were very close.

"What did you want?" she asked quietly.

I sighed, "," I frowned and ran my hand through my hair, "god you still don't know," I exhaled deeply and looked into her eyes, at her soul, "I... love you, with all my heart I do," she looked shocked, "I can't explain what I'd do for you, so I'll show you!"

I caressed her face with my hand and kissed her soft lips.

I could feel her heat, her passion helped by her power. I held onto her, I knew my body was like stone, I had to restrain myself in case I hurt her.

Then slowly she broke away with surprise in her dark eyes. My hand was still on her face, her skin became harder, were my hand was it turned to onyx and spread across her face. I couldn't let go in panic until she was fixed into a perfect statue,

I let out a gargle of sound as I stepped back in horror, staring at her beautiful features.

Then I let out a roar of pain and anguish like nothing before until I crumpled to the ground, gripping handfulls of mud.

I heard movement behind me.

I turned to see Jadia on the tree, she must have sensed our emotions.

"What ha-" she saw the figure and nearly fell from her perch.

"I...couldn't control it, my powers, it turned her into this..." I slumped against the doorway, too numb to move.

"Can't you do anything?"

"No, even if I could her heart would not be beating, she would be dead," the words came out cold and distant, like they were someone elses when inside I was destroying myself.

The End

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