Jadia: Psychic

As they quickly left a room with a simple rocking chair in it, Allan turned to Jadia and asked her, “So what’s your story, Jadia?”


“How you ended up here,” Linsey said, a little glumly.

“Nothing much,” Jadia shrugged like Linsey had earlier, “I went to bed one night…last night, I suppose…Next morning, I woke up here.”

“Why won’t anybody tell me anything?” Allan moaned.

“Cause it’s private,” Linsey snapped.

“It’s all true.” Jadia said, to try and ease the sad feelings off the girl.

“And you, Kevin?” Allan asked him as they entered a large fancy dining room complete with Moose and Deer antlers hanging on the wall, a glamorous wooden table in the centre of the room, and what looked like a tiger-fur rug feet in front of the four of them. Jadia shivered, but spent too much time curiously looking around the room to hear Kevin’s answer.

“Back to Jadia now. How long have you known about your power…Speaking of which, as I haven’t seen much, what is your power?” Allan pointed the folded umbrella that he had just picked up at Jadia, like it was a microphone. The girls frowned at the odd object.

“This isn’t 20 blooming questions!” Linsey said again. Jadia could sense she was really losing her patience now, so shot the boys a dangerous glance, before replying:

“Like you two, I’ve known about my power all my life, but it changes form ever so often, so it’s hard to keep track of how…powerful it is.”

To Allan’s confused glance, Jadia continued (a little smugly), “I’m psychic.”

Before any of the others could reply, Linsey thrust open another door to reveal a large fancy dining room complete with Moose and Deer antlers hanging on-…

Jadia had a double take when she looked at through the open door:

“Is it me, or have we been here before?”

“Great! So we’re going in circles?” Linsey cried out.

“No, something’s not right. Something’s different.”

The End

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