Linsey: Stop Asking Me Questions!

I jump to my feet, ready to change into something and explore the place. Me, Allan and Jadia walk out the room. I roll my eyes and turn back.

"You know, I'm not gonna brake anymore bones just yet. You can come too." I was looking at Kevin, his face looked a little torn. He nodded and started to walk next to J, still holding his grilled cheese. I roll my eyes again when I see Jadia blush. What crushes do to people is strange. I think it's a sign of weakness, but no one listens to me whenever I say this.

"So, you know my story. What about yours?" Allan says walking next to me. I shrug. "Not important." "C'mon I told you mine. Why won't you tell me yours?" Jadia and Kevin are listening in now. I shake my head. "I was out, got drunk. Woke up here." I shrug again desprate to get off the subject.

I open a door, look inside then close it again.

"How long have you known about your powers?" Why won't this guy drop it? "All my life." He nods and opens his mouth. "Look we're suppost to be finding out how big this place is not playing 20 questions." I know it seems like I'm over reacting but I don't want to talk about my past. There's  too many memories.

I open another door and see a rocking chair. My mum used to rock me tosleep in one just like that. I swallow, not showing the care in my face. I don't want to think about them. I don't want to think about what I did. I look down at my feet as I remeber the reason why I live in the orphanage.

The End

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