Jadia: An Animalistic Mind

Tucking into her bacon sandwich (yes, Jadia can be a bit of a pig sometimes), Jadia saw Sapphire and Adam walk in.

Has something happened between them? She wondered; she could sense mild embarrassment emanating from both persons and did Sapphire have pale red cheeks? No, it must have been a trick of the light for a second... Jadia cast a curious look at her friend, but the latter just shook her head.

Why won’t she let me know what’s going on? Jadia frowned a bit. Well, for one thing, it’s private business between the two of them, and another thing…Ooh Kevin’s here too.

Jadia couldn’t help getting distracted or blushing when he looked intently at her. She hoped no-one noticed, took a semi-deep breath and continued to nibble unusually daintily at her sandwich. Brown bread, of course, and Jadia made sure she had used the ‘animal-friendly’ bacon pack. That meant that no animals were harmed in the making of that bacon…Well of course they were…but in the nicest possible way. Jadia sniggered into her food; many people would probably laugh at Jadia’s opinions but she did care very much for creatures, (except bugs, they kind of freaked her out). And she sometimes had a unique link with them too.

Other people were eating the bacon as well; Linsey and Ezzie were sort of chatting over their plates, but Kate had opted for another apple. Jadia was getting some ‘vegetarian’ vibes from that girl there. Sapphire sat down next to Jadia, just as she was finishing her sandwich, and smiled. Adam chucked chocolate bars to everybody (which led to many calls of ‘ooh’ and ‘cheers’), but Kevin was still lurking around the doorway.

Crunching on her chocolate, Sapphire said, “Sooo, any guesses on where the house is in the world?”

Before Jadia could properly reply though, there was movement at the other end of the table.

“Well I'm going to find out exactly how big this house is. Feel free to follow." The newest guy suddenly said. Jadia had a thought that she’d heard his name was ‘Allan’ somewhere beforehand. After finding and grabbing a mini cupcake with shiny pink icing and little silver spheres on its top, she went and addressed him.

“I’ll come. I’ve a mind to try and figure out where we are. Anybody else?”

The End

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