Allan: My story

" So whats your story?" Linsey asks me.  So far she was the only person that I seemed to get along with in this place.

" How I got here or my life story, one is short and boring ,the other long and boring." I say making myself feel smaller.

" Obviously the shorter one." She responds. 

" Alright, like I saids it is boring. I was avoiding what people where saying would be an incredible party , I however ended up getting dragged over kicking and screaming, the reasone for not going included this damm wierd ability I say touching a flower in a vase I breathed in it began to wilt, then shatter into dust. I don't drink because I can't control it.Anyways I drank my arse off and i don't remember anything up except to waking up here. see boring.Anyways how did you get here?"   I ask

We turned around a corner and I saw the kitchen, man was I ever hungry. I guess Linsey felt the same way becuase she seemed to forget my question.

" you like grilled cheese sandwiches?" Linsey asks.

" Yup."

Soon others came in and began asking about bacon. Well I guess the searching was going to have to wait , everybody seemed hungry.  I began to help Linsey cooking the bacon and other things.  Saphire , and Adam walk in hope they like grilled cheese because there was tons of it.  Once Linsey and I had finished cooking for everyone we all sat around the kitchen chewing down on the sandwiches. It was pretty quite and awkward.  Usually I wasn't this quite but this was different from what I could gather all of us had been brought here and we are trapped. When I finished , I washed the dish off and placed it a massive dishwasher.

" Well I'm going to find out exactly how big this house is. Feel free to follow." I say but look at Linsey while I said it because she was the only one I really knew.

The End

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