Sapphire: interruptions

We walked down the hallway, supposedly looking for something, I don't think we actually bothered though, we just talked about stuff. He is such a sweet guy, and he makes me laugh like no-one else. He then says something about us being here is fate and he looks deeply into my eyes. Wow, it seems almost magical, like looking into someone's soul. But the thing is I don't know how he feels about me, though at least if he rejects me I think he would be kind about it. He then starts to say something to me which makes my heart beat about 1000 bpm,

"I'm serious, I think you're..."

But suddenly who comes in but Kevin! Argh talk about wrong timing, or right timing?

"Heya guys, hope I'm not butting in" I glance a look at Adam but he just looks away.

"Well anyway, we are all having something to eat, come on!" I glare at him and follow without saying anything. I think he knows what is going on and just wants to ruin it for everyone.

When we get to the kitchen Jadia catches my eye and sort of glances at Adam, as though she knows. I just shake my head back at her and she frowns slightly.

The End

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