Adam: Searching (not)

We began searching around the house, it was quiet with only the shutting of cupboards in the distance. Sapphire and I walked side by side, very slowly.

"So you never told me what you thought about that swan..."

She laughed lightly, "yeah it's... surprising," she muttered, she noticed my pained expression, "why do you care so much?" she asked innocently.

"Nothing," I felt my gut tighten, she didn't have a clue how I felt but, why did I feel so strange and why did I want her opinion so much? If only she could read my mind and make sense of it, "so you're not into the whole public affection then?"

"Haha, not when it's like you're eating someones face off," she rolled her eyes, "but I suppose small acts don't bother me..."

Like receiving a swan made of sapphire? "Fair enough, I know what you mean," I stopped and turned to her, "by the way, thanks for... you know, melting that fire off of me, it kinda hurt."

"Yeah then I got us trapped," she grumbled, "Again!" I couldn't help but burst out laughing, "we have got to figure out why we are here," she stated.

"Maybe it's fate," I looked her deep in the eyes, "maybe their intentions aren't all bad," it brought Jadia and Kevin together, and us, whatever we are, "I mean I could be standing here talking to a much worse person," I nudged her with my shoulder.

"Oh thanks," she shook her head.

I had the urge to hold her, "I'm serious, I think you're..."

The End

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