Jadia: Attractive Thoughts

Jadia didn’t want to talk about it. She found it weird to admit, but she actually didn’t mind kissing Kevin. Jadia had never kissed anybody before and she found it a bit of a strange sensation, but it was strangely addictive.

She tried to pull away but somehow didn’t want to and Kevin didn’t seem to let go either. But finally, she realised, they needed to get their priorities straight. And anyway, Jadia didn’t want any time to discuss with herself the reasons why she was currently locking lips with the ice-boy; it just didn’t make sense!

“Hey…Kevin…maybe we should go find the others…um… They need to understand about their powers. We need to understand why we have been put here…”

Jadia felt a bit better now, and could concentrate on the task at hand. She noticed that some of the others had been, and gone, in two different parties (Sapphire and Adam had left shortly after Linsey and Allan) and now the two of them were alone again. Jadia guessed it was kind of embarrassing to see others snogging.

“Yeah…I think I should get aquatinted with the new guy.” Kevin said, awkwardly. I guess he’s still getting the hang of this, as well. Jadia thought.

They left the medical bay and Jadia managed to direct them to the Allan, Kate, Ezzie and Linsey, who were back in the kitchen making lunch.

“Is that lunch?” Jadia grinned, she hadn’t realised it, but she was starting to get a bit hungry.

Linsey glanced up from buttering some bread, and nodded.

“Did you see Sapphire and Adam? Tell them we’re having lunch together, then we’ll look at each other’s powers.”

“I’ll go,” Kevin muttered and shuffled out.

“Is there any bacon?” Jadia asked, “Wait. I’ll find it.” She grinned again, feeling a little exhilarated and giddy, and headed towards a cupboard. Yup, there was bacon!

Mmm, bacon!

The End

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