Linsey: Looking For The Others With Allan.

Ew. That's just yuck. I wrinkle up my nose at Kevin and Jadia.

"I feel sick." I say turning around and walking out the room. I hate the whole lovey-dovey stuff. I wonder where the others are.

I'm just about to change my formto look for them when I can sense someone behind me. I turn and see the new guy, Allan. "Going somewhere?" I nod. "Think I should find the others." I shrug turning away. "Mind if I come?" I look at him for a while and nod.

"Glad to see it's not just me who doesn't like the whole love stuff." I say loud enough for the others to hear me. I roll my eyes and start walking, Allan following next to me. I smile at him. "So, what's your story?" It's weird I actrually want to know.

The End

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