Sapphire: Togetherness

"You may be a couple but I hope you guys aren't gonna do any more snogging." Ok, not the most subtle of sentences but it had to be said by someone.

"What?" came the reply from both of them. Seriously were they that drunk? I sigh;

"You know when you two were busy over there in the corner by the granite rocky slab things." Still no answer;

"You were snogging each others' faces off!"

"Really?" came the reply from Jadia while Kevin responded with an "Oh" and then looked away. Jadia turns to Kevin;

"Did we?"

"Umm yeah I think so. Can't remember much though."

"Well... cool" says Jadia going a bit pink.

"J, shall we go to the medical room and... umm... get some aspirin for our headaches?"

"Ok" she smiles and him, and then they walk off.

"Looks like it's just you and me" I smile at Adam.

"Ok, we better go and find this infamous Linsey" he replies.

We start by walking the opposite direction to the ‘couple' and down a couple of corridors. We hear a couple of voices coming from around the next corner, so we run to catch up. That was not needed as they were just standing there and chatting.

"Hey Lins, who's the new guy?" I ask, trying not to let my headache get the better of me.

"Oh hey, this is..."

"Allan" he reaches his hand out to shake Adam's, who does it more out of politeness than anything else. He's ok, but not really my type, he's a bit... I dunno just, yeah. That's when I realise his head, it has a slight cut on it;

"Hey, um your head, what?"

"Oh I banged into the wall, its fine"

"You sure, there's a medical room, we can put a bandage around it or something?"


"It does look kinda bad" buts in Linsey.

"Ok, then" so we all walk back to the medical room, chatting about random nonsense, and getting locked in the basement by accident. We got to the room and the door was closed, weird. I open it only to find Jadia and Kevin on the bed making out, ew, so gross (that is watching other people kissing).

The End

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