Jadia: Mixed Feelings

And with that Linsey was gone, flying out the trapdoor and leaving the rest of us alone in the cellar. Jadia frowned and turned to Sapphire. The sick feeling had gone from her stomach but she still had the feeling in dread. It didn’t help that her throat was so distracting too, and the headache wasn’t getting any better.

“What do we do now…” She asked Sapphire.

Sapphire turned to Adam,

“So, did you say you had an idea?”

He frowned, “Bit pointless now, seeing as she -Linsey?- has gone to save the day.” He sighed, “I wish I could be even a little more helpful.”

“We could…use your idea; surprise Linsey and the others when they come to help us…You could try and use your powers.”

“Okay. I hope this works…”

He put one hand to the floor and closed his brown eyes.

Suddenly a large oak tree came shooting fully grown out of the ground, bursting through the stone cobbles like an erupting volcano.

“Woooww!” Jadia cried, “I wish I could do something like that!”

Adam grinned at her, “Having a special power has its perks! I hope you can climb.”

“Not well…but I’ll deal with it.”

“Yup,” Sapphire paused and looked at Jadia, “…You gonna get Kevin?”

“Why me?”

“Well…you know…”

“I’ll get him!” Adam said, frustrated, “Do start to climb up yourselves.”

“You…first, Sapphire?”

Sapphire sighed and grasped hold of a couple of the branches and pulled herself up with ease. Although nervous, Jadia couldn’t help admiring the (original) grace of Sapphire’s climbing.

“Okay, it’s easy peasy. Come on, J.”

As Adam and a tired (and hung-over) Kevin came round the granite slab, Jadia took a deep breath and seized hold of the same branches. She slipped a little, but put more effort into it and climbed up. Jadia’s head swam from being up so high.

It’s gonna be alright. You’re almost at the top. One hand after the other…there!

She poked her head out of the little hole and found herself staring a pair of black jeans. Sapphire grabbed Jadia under her arms and heaved her up. After brushing herself off, Jadia knelt down to assist Kevin too. He was swaying a little so Jadia helped him up by holding onto his shoulders.

Sapphire raised her eyebrows at them.

“You may be a couple but I hope you guys aren’t gonna do any more snogging.”


The End

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