Linsey: Getting Out Of The Celler.

My head hurts. I sit up and shake it. I get to my feet and look around.

I can see that Sapphire, Jadia and the new dude are up. I walk over to them, my hangover not that big, I got used to it a couple of months ago.

"Hey. I was thinking. I could turn into a bird or something and fly us away." The looked a bit shocked. "And why didn't you think of this before?" Trust Sapphire to have a go. I shrug. "I did but then I saw wine and a better idea popped into my head."

I look at the new dude then back to Sapphire. "Who is he and what can he do?" "My name's Adam. I can sort of control earth." He looks annoyed that I kind of blanked him but I don't care. I may have a headache but I'm still me.

I shrug. "We're going to wait until Kevin wakes up then we're going to get out of here." I roll my eyes. I really can't be bothered to wait, I'm starting to feel uneasy.

"Okay. While you lot do that, I'll be looking for the others." And with that I turn into a Robin a fly up to the door of the wine celler. It's locked. Great. I fly backwards then when I'm inches away from the door I turn into a lion and brake it into shreads. Now that I'm out,  I turn back into me.

Time to go looking for the others. I start to walk when I sense someone new. I sigh as I turn into a wolf and run in the new persons direction.

The End

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