Jadia: Hungover Thoughts

What on Earth happened?

Jadia opened her eyes. Her head pounded and her mouth tasted of vomit. She was lying between Kevin and Sapphire who were both asleep. She groaned as her stomach churched and rolled over and threw up a few metres away from the dark boulder.

Clutching her throat, Jadia stumbled across to the ruined flight of stairs. Some new guy eyed her a little disgustedly; he seemed to be the only one who hadn’t given in to the temptation.

“Having fun, are we?”

“Mmm? Who are you?”


“What you doing here? Ow…my head hurts…”

“You’re hung-over.”

“And you’re not? We’re still trapped, where’s Linsey?”

“Over there,” Adam pointed, “Hung-over too. Gosh you lot are either really reckless or a bunch of great party animals.”

Jadia took two steps towards Linsey, saw that she wouldn’t be of much use, and, putting another hand to her head, advanced back to Adam.

“Who were you again?”


“And what are you doing here?” Jadia clutched at her stomach again, as she found herself throwing up again.

“I woke up under that boulder. I have no idea why I’m here. Something to do with my power, possibly?  I have this sort of thing where I can control Earth…

Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I have no idea what just happened though…” Jadia squinted at Adam’s face, but the light was terrible in the cellar and she couldn’t really see his features.

“Um…yeah well I can’t be very helpful there…” Adam looked a bit sheepish.

Sapphire appeared, rubbing her forehead, “I’m parched J…we need to get out of here.”

“Hey…” Adam raised his eyebrows at her, “I might be able to help with that…”

“Why the hell didn’t you say so beforehand?”

“Well you lot were all getting tipsy, but I now have an idea. If somebody tells me what’s going on in this place…”

The End

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