Sapphire: yuck!

So now we are trapped again- gosh I am a bit stupid aren’t I? , the others all started drinking the wine left in the wine cellar. I found Jadia with Kevin drinking her self silly, on half a bottle of Lambrusco! You can tell she doesn’t do it often since Lambrusco is not very strong and she is already drunk! Even though she denies it completely. And she is sitting next to ‘Kevin’; seriously those two are getting a bit ‘friendly’.  She keeps offering me the bottle of wine, or Lambrusco, and I finally took it, and finished it off. Setting stuff on fire is stressful; well you know what I mean. Well I’m not drunk yet. Nothing, zilch, nada. Whilst furrowing for some more good wine when a noise came from behind a couple of the granite slabs; 

“Kevin!” is shouted from a familiar yet drunk voice. 

I follow where the voice is coming from and find Jadia and Kevin kissing in a drunken haze- seriously GET A ROOM, i.e. not this one. 

I find the nearest bottle of wine and drink until my vision goes hazy. Ahh I love the way your sense go completely numb. I think I start shouting random stuff at Kevin and Jadia but am not really conscious of what it was. Kevin then, somehow, manages to get up and staggars towards me;

“ You don’t say that to me and my… my baby J” he staggars some more and then tries to punch me but fails and falls backwards into the other guy's arms.

“Mate I think you need to stop drinking so much” says the new guy.

“You don’t need to tell me what to do” Kevin tries to get out of his grip but fails.

“Oh you’re so strong you..., you!” I hear myself saying.

“You too, stop drinking” he takes the bottle from me and I slump on the floor next to Jadia who starting calling for Kevin again, probably wanting more kissing action. The next thing I remember was watching them sucking each others face off and  me being sick before everything went black…

The End

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