Jadia: Mentally Impaired

I’m not drunk. I’m not drunk. Oh, gosh, I’m slightly tipsy. This cannot be happening. I shouldn’t be deliberately impairing my me-mental…mental functions.

Jadia put a hand to her head. She groaned; this is why she shouldn’t drink. She had only had half a bottle of the wine. At least this time her headache wasn’t due to exhaustion, but more to a habit of being bored.

Jadia giggled; her brain was full of the fizzy-ness of Lambrusco but she could still sense another person waking up and trying to escape this…place.

“Kevin? Keevvvinn?” Jadia wandered around the cellar, looking for the boy.

She hard a shout, then a large ‘pop’ sound and turned past a large graphite slab to see Kevin covered in wine. “Kevvin!”

Arg! Jadia’s head hurt, so she slumped down next Kevin as he slowly lifted a red-wine-covered hand.

“Kevin, I…”

“Jadia?” Sapphire called, “Oh, here you are.”

“I’m not talking to you; we’re trapped again ‘cause of you…” Jadia paused, “Okay, that’s not nice. Here have some wine as a sorry present.”

Sapphire eyed the broken bottles round the two of them uneasily, and then at the half-full one that Jadia was holding out.

“You two aren’t drunk are you?”

“Hmm…maybe…I dunno really. No I don’t think so. We are just wasting time, because we’re stuck here…”

She thought for a second then handed Sapphire the bottle and patted the ground beside her.

“No, I’m definitely not drunk…”

The End

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