Allan: Furiouse

Its dark but yet I feel the impact of my back hitting a floor. The darkness fades and a door close swiftly.

" What the hell?!" I yell noticing that I'm somewhere foriegn I leap up to my feet , and run to the door whoever just brought me here was going learn what punch your lights out really means.  The door was locked but it didn't stop me I just knocked it outta of the way.  I entered a empty hall and there was a small breeze.

" Dammnit!"  I yell furiously, but the anger was dissapearing. I walk down the stairs.

If anyone meant me harm I would be bleeding and cut right which means I can probably exit the front door right?  I get there and just turn the nob, it doesn't work.

" What the?" I bring my leg up and kick it but it doesn't budge , " Seriously what the hells is going on here?!" I yell quite irratated I turn around , and walk and then I find my leg hovering over a hole , and i was falling forwards. 

" Ah sh*t." I say as my head smacks against the floor and I hit a ground of cold floor the world darkening , again.

The End

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