Kevin: Ooooh Shiney

Oh my gosh wine! Wonder how old this stuff is, i like it either way. I decided to explore around, considering someone burnt the stairs. I was walking around and noticed some rather good wine, so i took it, and kept taking more and more. Eventually my arms were full and i tripped over and dropped it all. They all smashed except for one, which was incredibly fizzed up now.

It was spinning around and then eventually stopped moving and pointed at me.

"Uh oh" i whisper
I tried to get up but my jacket was stuck underneathe one of the graphite slabs so i struggled. "Not good, not good" i moan, i could see the fizz going up to the top of the bottle.

"Um... a little help here guys" i tried to shout, but couldnt as i took a blow to the chest as i fell over. I vigorously pulled on my sleeves, and eventually i got one of my arms free.

"Ah ha!" i shouted


The End

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