Linsey: I Need A Drink.

We're trapped, great. Istart pacing the room. I really don't like this, I feel like I'm in cage.

I really want to go screaming and punch a wall but I know that won't do anything to help get us outta here. "Linsey can you stop pacing, it's making me feel sick." I stop and scowl at Sapphire. "Well I wouldn't if you didn't go any burn the stairs!" She scowls at me and opens her mouth. "Save it Sapphire. I really don't want to hit you."

I turn away from the rest and explore the celler.

I come back with five bottles of wine. I open them all and hand them out. "If I'm gonna be trapped in here then I'm not gonna be sober." I start drinking my bottle.

I'm gonna need a lot more if no one wants me ripping their heads off. Man, I hate this! When we find whoever put us in this house, I'm gonna kill them!

The End

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