Sapphire: re-trapped- great

Me and Jadia were discussing, and failing, to talk about her staying and laying down in the med room. She insisted that she was ok, but SHE JUST FAINTED, she can’t be. Finally she won (how?), and we started to walk off to the kitchen.

“So who did you say was downstairs? I’m sure there wasn’t one…” I asked.

“Well apparently there is… as our little friend Kevin *cue slight sigh from her and an eye roll from me* found one yes.”

“Oh really?”

“There’s something interesting down there with him want to go and see?”

“J, I’m all up for it but I don’t think you should…

“Come on then!” and she tugs me towards the newly found basement, where the hell did she get all this sudden energy from? I struggle against her.

“Look J go back to the others!”

“Come on, if I pass out I will let you hold it against me the next time”

 “Fine” why was she so adamant to get there?  I finally found out when we got there, it was Kevin mixed with her desired urge to make people (feel) better.

“Hello Kevin” she said as we entered from the rather wobbly wooden steps.

 “Hello Jadia, feeling better are we?” he says while winking at her.

But I got side-tracked from their conversation by the guy lying on the floor with Linsey standing next to him. Wow hotness… That’s the guy, not Lins. Ok I'll agree, not as good looking as Kevin, but nice enough. He had a chiselled face and cool messy, muddy brown hair.

“Hey do you need help standing up?” I ask him.

“No I’m fine” he says and then takes a while to stand up, almost falling over at one point.

“Ow, this ice is pretty sharp” he says when standing up.

“I’ll get it” I say whilst directing my fire to the pieces around us. I went a bit crazy showing off and managed to accidentally set the stairs on fire, oops.

“Haha, nice way to show off and flirt in front of our new friend” says Kevin, I really thing I am going to re-break that nose.

“Great so how are we going to get out now?” asks Linsey.

The End

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