Linsey: Another One.

I have pin pointed where the sound came from. I think it's a celler and by the sounds of it two people are down there,

My cheeter legs are going as fast as they can until I get to the entrance of the celler. I faze back into me and walked carefully down the steps, trying not to make a sound.

I'm at the bottom of the wine celler. Hmm, wine. No, I've got to think about the people down here, they could be the ones who trapped me here. I step closer, and pounce on one of them. He falls to the ground, me ontop of him. He moans a little and I growl. "For gods sake. You trying to brake my back now?" I get off of him and roll my eyes. "I thought you were someone else." I growled, looking over to a guy on the floor.

I growl again. "Another one! Great!" I say rolling my eyes as Kevin gets to his feet. I see his leg has healed. Great.

The End

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