Jadia: Waking Thoughts

Jadia eyelids blinked open. She had been placed into the bed that Kevin was in.

“Where’s Kevin?!” was her first thought and the first thing that she said when she realised where she was.

Sapphire rushed to Jadia’s side.

“He’s fine…”

“But his leg…?”

“He healed it.”

Jadia sighed unhappily and sunk back into her pillows.

“You should rest.”

“I’m fine really. I’ve just done so much today. Just…a little tired; things are non-stop in this house.” She pushed herself up onto her elbows. “Anyway, we need to find a way out. Forget training, we need to sit down and discuss our powers. ‘Cause without understanding them in our heads, how are we gonna be able to get the hang of them in ‘training’.”

“Okay, well, I’ll go and find and the others and bring them here-”

“Don’t. I’ll go with you, there’s not enough room in this bay…Oh and a least one of them are underground.” Jadia’s face spread into a wide grin, “See. I’ve got it under control!”

Sapphire glared at Jadia. “Fine. But any sign of fatigue and I’m gonna send you straight back to bed.”

“I’m okay! I can deal with it.”

“You collapsed!”

“I needed air!”

“I’m not arguing with you, Jadia.”

“Well, obviously you are.”

“Come on!”

They left the medical bay together. Jadia was not angry with her friend, she just wished that Sapphire wouldn’t fuss over her so much.

“Where did you say some of the group were?”

Jadia paused for a minute, and then got the answer.

“Kitchen. Come on.”

The End

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