Kevin: The Wine Cellar

Linsey turns into a cheetah and run out of the room, i go over to Jadia and try to help out, well i hopped over. I put my hand on her head and applied coldness to it, the heat seemed to die down quite quickly but she still didnt wake up.

"God dammit, my leg!" i scream, so i get an idea. I clutched onto the broken part of my leg (which hurt) and i used my powers to seal the gap between the two broken bones, and it worked! Although the downside is that its ice and will soon melt away, so i would have to keep doing it every hour or so.

I gave my leg a little shake to make sure it worked, it didnt seem to hurt as the ice kind of numbed the nerves also.

I walk out the room, taking it out for a test run, and i go to the kitchen, walking around and i trip over a mat, which revealed a trapdoor. I go down this trap door, into a cold, eerie room granite slabs all around, i smiled upod realising i was in a wine cellar, and in a corner i find a man under a granite slab. He had muddy brown hair, and a hart, set face with chizzled features. 

I decide to help this guy by freezing the granite slab to a point where it went so brittle i could lift it up, it landed on the floor with a loud smash, which echoed down the entire cellar. The man got up looked me in the eyes with his warm brown eyes and speaks

The End

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