Jadia: Medically Minded

So Jadia managed to help Kevin to a small medical room, complete with a little blue bed and cupboards full of various equipment, just like a typical medical ward from ER or Casualty.

Sitting exhausted on a wooden chair at the side of the bed that Kevin was then resting in, Jadia smiled at her ingeniousness with Sapphire’s mobile phone. She had seen the metallic device earlier when Sapphire had whipped it out to try and get any signal. It wasn’t hard to find out the number; it seemed that only Sapphire and Jadia had their phones on them. If not, anybody else’s was switched off or not working. Jadia just then had to concentrate and the eleven figures appeared in her ‘mind’s eye’. Luckily both Jadia’s purple one and Sapphire’s black one had both still been working when Jadia made the call, otherwise they might have been in some trouble.

She had asked Sapphire to come as soon as possible and, seeing as they had now found a kitchen, bring supplies like food and drink. Jadia only hoped that she would hurry up. Thinking about the kitchen made Jadia wonder how many rooms there were in the house-bedrooms, kitchens…medical bays…And why they were there. How long was the group expected to stay there? How many others were to come? And, of course, the traditional, why were they there? Just thinking about these philosophical questions made Jadia’s head hurt even more… And she knew that the aspirin she found in the cupboard wouldn’t help…

Suddenly Sapphire poked her head round the door, arms laden with different items. There may have been someone behind her too, but Jadia could not tell.

“Hey, you get here okay, Saph?”

“Yeah…This building’s a weird place. And huge!”

“I’m sorry I made you walk so far; this was the only place with bandages, plaster and instructions. Luckily I’ve had a bit of life support training.”

“Uh huh,” Sapphire sounded a little unsure about Jadia’s remark, “How did you get my number?”

“Look…can we talk about that later…”

Jadia almost fell into the little chair. She fanned herself with her tanned hands; it had become alarmingly stuffy in the medical room. She stood up too quickly.

“I might go and get some fresh air…” But where from, seeing as they had yet to find an exit? Suddenly the whole world spun in front of Jadia’s eyes and she collapsed in a crumbled heap onto the floor.

The End

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