Sapphire: Mobiles

"Whoever wants to learn to win, come with me," is what Linsey said. Ok, she may be going over the top but we need to be ready for what ever they start to throw at us… if they do. I mean we have only been here a day and there have already been six people Trapped here. Who knows how many people are in this… house? I’m not sure since I haven’t really seen any windows yet as it is so BIG.

I follow her down the corridor into a small room, with a long wooden table and chairs, with yet another door leading off. Kate follows the door off and finds that it is a small kitchen. She come back into the room which is a bit like a conference room I suggest this and everyone agres, I then realise someone important is missing;

“Where is J? I better go and find her, I have a feeling we are going to need her…” I leave and go back the way we came until I come to the hall where Kevin knocked himself out, she was conversing with him almost like flirting, oh god not you too J! So I interrupt her to try and stop it,

“Come on J, we found a ‘conference room’-type place. You wanna fight, don’t you?” I say.

“Yeah. We also found a kitchen!” Kate says between mouthfuls.

I notice Esmerelda was nowhere to be seen but to be honest I don’t care because she annoys me too much at the moment. I then leave to go back to the ‘conference room’ hoping that Jadia would follow, but she was still in mid flirt with Kevin.

Cue Kate and asking us about whether we think Kevin likes her or not… oh gosh not this, and not now.  Luckily Linsey had similar thoughts to me;

“Oh look Kate we don’t care about whether Kevin likes you or not we just want to be ready for when they come” 

This silences Kate but it doesn’t stop her from going into a sulk. But just then my mobile rings… what? I picked it up;


Hi, Sapphire it’s me, J, I am at the other side of the building with Kevin, and he’s not getting any better. His leg is very badly broken, but is setting rather quickly. It’s setting in a really weird angle.

What? How did you get my number?

It doesn’t matter, look, just get over here fast!

Where are you?

You know where the living room is downstairs?


It’s two rooms to the left of that one.

Ok see you there in a bit!

Bring food like fruit and stuf 




Everyone was staring at me and wondering who was calling me. I then explain to them about Kevin and stuff and off we go to find them. Weird that his leg heals quicker, Jadia should know what to do.

The End

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