Jadia: Too Many Minds

Physically Jadia was exhausted. She’d never run so fast after anyone, let alone a guy, and she’d never been around so many active and special minds. When the new guy froze the floor with ice, they all slipped but it was only Jadia who fell over. She barely had any more physical strength to run so far. Luckily there was just about enough mental power for Jadia to take a shortcut through (what looked like) a dining room and catch up with ice-boy. Trying to swerve her, he ran straight into the white-washed wall beside the door that Jadia had appeared from.

Cute. But mixed up. I can tell from what I can sense from his mind…Or he’s confused like the rest of us…

"The name’s Kevin." Kevin finally introduced himself, just before Linsey starting shouting her head off. Jadia hated shouting; for one thing it gave her a headache, for another, it wasn’t very nice.

"Whoever wants to learn to win, come with me," was the final thing Jadia heard before Linsey stormed out. She would have followed but she had a headache and was exhausted. Collapsing by Kevin-who was gingerly touching his injured noise-she let out a loud sigh.

“Why are we here?” Jadia practically whispered. Kevin side-glanced at her.

“Don’t ask me…”

Jadia frowned, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just…I’m not used to all this work. They run everywhere, but never give me a chance to rest…I’m sorry, this is all silly.”

Jadia used the wall to heave herself back up, as Sapphire and Kate poked their heads back in.

“Come on J, we found a ‘conference room’-type place. You wanna fight, don’t you?”

“Yeah. We also found a kitchen!” Kate was happily munching on a deep red apple. Then they both were gone, leaving Jadia standing in the middle of the corridor.

“You see what I mean!” She said angrily; she was almost in tears.

Just before she left, Jadia remembered that Kevin was probably still in pain.

“Hey, do you need any help? I’m sure I could find a medical room somewhere around here…At least, I hope I might still have it in me…”

The End

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