Linsey. - We'll Need To Fight

I roll myeyes at Kate. Great so now we're gonna try and get out of here while Kate and the ice guy get all lovey-dovey. I look over to Sapphire.

"When we find those dudes who put us in here they're gonna pay."  I say so only she can hear, she nods and smiles at me. "Course they're going to pay." I smile back at her. She's alright this girl, a born leader.

"Don't you find it a bit of a covincidence that all the people who are trapped in here have abilities?" I nod. "They must know what they were doing." I look around at everyone else and sighed. Whoever put us in here ain't gonna let us go easy and most of these lot aren't fighters.

I cleared my throat and no one listened. I gritted my teeth. I'm really starting to lose my temper. Sapphire puts a hand on my shoulder. I cough again and still nothing. Fine.

"Oit!" Iyell at the top of my lungs. They all turn around shocked. "You lot need tranning." "Says who?" Man, I'm really getting annoyed with this guy! "Says me. You got a problem with that ice boy?" He smiles a little. Ha! Like his charm will work on me! "The names Kevin." I shrug. "I don't care what your name is. But I kinda don't want anyone of you lot deffenseless against the people who put us in here!" Kevin rolls his eyes and I scowl at him.

"Why do we need tranning? We've got abilities." I turn my scowl to Esmerelda. "Because whoeverput us here probably knows that we've got powers. It's best to surpirse people in fights." "Who says we're gonna have a fight?" I growl. "Look, I don't care how rich you are but I'm not gonna be on the side that gets their butts whipped. If you lot don't know how to fight, we're not gonna do well. If you lot want to stay in here then don't expect me to help you out when you need to fight." I turn and walk out the room.

"Whoever wants to learn to win, come with me."

The End

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