Sapphire: That was for freezing my friends limbs off!

When he finally wakes up he gets a bit surprised and then somehow manages to slip out. I am starting to really not like that guy.

 "Okay, I’m interested, but I’m confused you punch me first now you’re getting on me what’s this exactly?"

 I open my mouth to apologise, but being the typical guy he starts flirting with Kate, again;

 “Hey baby”

 “Hey” replies Kate.

Linsey then interrupts them by turning into a bit of an elephant (literally!), and got  a bit angry. He just goes back to flirting;

 “Argh, stop it you guys we need to sort this out."

"Ooh somone getting jealous?" he replies

"Ergh, look about the punch, I’m sorry, I thought you were responsible for trapping us here. And then when we tied you to that chair and you said a bunch of stuff about being in a cupboard and then you have obviously have powers like all of us. It was just the fact that us who were trapped here before are all girls we thought that they might want just girls” I say.

 “And the slap?” he asks while raising his eyebrow (as the other one is covered by his fringe, which has a streak of blue in. I wonder why he wants to cover his lovely dark- midnight blue eyes, anyway back to the subject…) Linsey starts to get angry but I put my hand up to her.

 “That was for freezing my new friend’s limbs, which almost snapped off!”

 “Hey, I wasn’t the one holding other people to ransom!”

 I sigh “Well at least we now know that if our enemy tries to creep up on us we would be ready!”

 “Yeah if, they may never come at all!”

 Jadia buts in, “Look, can we just stop fighting and start afresh?”

 “I will if he will” we all stare at him and wait. I say stare, the correct term for me would be glare, and for Kate looking at in awe- seriously girl just stop it.

The End

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