Linsey : My Way Of Getting Answers Is Quicker!

This is going nowhere! I growl and change one of my arms into a elephants leg and lent on his. All of the girls eyes widen as the guy screamed out in pain. I changed my elephant leg back into my hand and I heldhis neck in my tight grasp.

"Now you're gonna tell us what we want to know or I'll brake more then your leg!" I snarled down at him. "Brakeing his leg wasn't exactely nessesary was it Linsey?" I turn and glaed at Esmerelda. "Shut up orI'll go for you again." Shock and fear ran across her face, I smiled. Still got it Lins.

I turn back to the ice guy and glare at him. "Sapphire, you first." We'll get the answers we want, and if he lies it'll be the last thing he does! No one cages me up and gets away with it!

The End

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