Kevin: Obsession?

Vision still hazy, i seriously want to know who put that wall there, cause im going to sue, and when i sue they wont hear the end of it! Im starting to get rather warm...

"What the hell" i cry to see all five girls all stacked up on me "Okay this is good and bad..." By good i ment, girls... who wouldnt think thats good? And secondly bad, this girl who punched me, will she leave me alone? Shes just there, face close to mine smiling her head off, her black hair going into mine, it even goes into my eye!

I clear my throat and go to the offensive, well not fighting offensive, youll see what i mean...
"Okay girls look... just chill out, ill be 16 in a few months and..." I was interupted... by a slap to the face by miss black haired woman. Okay maybe they arnt that interested, okay now the defensive as in escape! Somehow...

Then i hatched a plan, i put ice underneath my back, and then turned myself into ice completly, so i was like an ice figurine, apart from i could move and i slipped out from underneathe.

"Okay, im interested, but im confused you punch me first now your getting on me whats this exactly?" i ask
Before she could reply i noticed the blonde one again the one i talked to before "hey baby" i say, and then wink at her.

The End

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