Sapphire: Bundles

We run after him but he just keeps on going and shoots ice at us here and there. I realise that Jadia wasn’t there, where was she? Who knows…?

But I could stay there thinking about it for long as he started shooting ice at the others. I then had to stay behind and help them due to the fact that it hurts when half of your limbs are frozen solid. He stops while he sees we are occupied, and starts flirting with Kate, who had now miraculously recovered from her ankle injury, was smiling back at him. Uhh, typical. When we had finished and started to catch up with him he ran off again, but this time he wasn’t as clever- he turned a corner and we heard a massive thud, and heard a “Gotcha.”

 When we all finally rounded the corner, we saw him on the floor with Jadia standing over him.

 I mock gasp, “Jadia you didn’t hit him over the head did you? You naughty girl!”

 She rolls her eyes, “Nooo, he ran into the wall luckily, so we can’t be done for assault… as much as we have already”

 I grin at her and suggest to stop him running off that we all sit on him, one on top of the other- me at the bottom for ice warming purposes.

 “Isn’t that a bit weird?” asks Esmerelda.

 “Look it’s the only way we can get him to stay put for like 5 seconds instead of him freezing other people’s limbs off”

 So we all bundle on, me taking most of the weight, but he must be getting kinda crushed. Oh well shouldn’t have run away slimy gi…

The End

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