Sapphire: The Aftermath

As the guy runs out the room everything in my head clicks into place. I think I have been a bit ‘power crazy.’

 “I think I have made a mistake”

 “You think?” replies Esmerelda, just go away!

 “Well I think we should just go and find him and apologize for a start” says Jadia.

 I smile at her, “Good idea J. Ok Lins you can change back now.”

 She growls and we all look confused. She holds up her arm, and we all realise that it’s frozen.

 “I think that she can’t transform back because of her arm being frozen” says Jadia.

 So I then go over to Linsey and place my hands on her arm/paw.

 “This may hurt…” and I pass a warming feeling through her arm which then slowly melts the ice clinging to her. Linsey then changes back and we all decide to go and find that rather rude intruder… ok I am really one to talk but that’s just what I’m like. We spot him up the stairs and he starts running, so we all start chasing after him!

The End

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