Kevin: Oh... Just Great

You know being punched by a girl is one thing, but AFTER being punched and waking up to a tiger being in front of you being tied to a chair thats something alot different. Not only that but, is my nose... broken? Man she punches hard!

"Well why have you kept us here" the one that assaulted me said
"Just chill girl..." i reply coolly "I woke up in a cupboard how'd you think i feel?"
She still looked at me rather unamused. I just give her a smug look whilst freezing the ropes around my wrists. Then i snap them.

"Look... your hospitality is great" i say getting back up of the chair "but i gotta find my way out of here, and if your going to get in my way so be it"
After saying that the tiger let out a most terrifying roar. 'They just dont listen do they' i think to myself.

The tiger goes the swipe its claws at me, i take evasive actions and make a shiel of ice on my arm, and i freeze its arm in place. "To hell with you guys!" i cry and run back up the stairs and freeze up the doorway in a quite strong ice after running through it. I also made a chair and sat down, and put my hand on my nose, to make my nose heal abit better, like an ice pack.

I have a bad feeling about this place...

The End

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