Sapphire: A Guy?

For a while all that happened was that we could hear thudding noises. 
But suddenly they came around the corner and when I instantly saw then 
I punched them in the face. My fist met his nose with a satisfying crunch. I think I broke their nose. Oops. But as he fell to the floor he landed awkwardly on the top of the stairs and started falling down.  Ok, I may be one to punch someone but not to kill anyone. I run after them, when at the bottom they finally stop, I check them over and apart from the suspected broken nose and a few grazes they were fine.

"What did you do that for Saph?" asked Jadia.

I looked at the passed out figure on the floor, which was a guy.  He was quite good looking but it was not time to think about silly things like that now, he could be an enemy for all we knew. And I have a boyfriend at home anyway... If we even manage to get home. Luckily my mouth clocked that I needed to say something- fast.

"Yeah well, he's a guy and we are all girls. So it's evident that he's not one of us. Come on we better tell the others that we found out where the noise was coming from."

We found them by a cupboard with no door... weird, all there was glass shattered on the floor beside it, hmm.

"Come on we better go and tie up our intruder and then wait until he comes around"

"What?" comes the replies around me.

"Look, if he is one of 'the bad guys' then wouldn't it be better if he was restrained? We can get Lins to transform into something bigger to carry him and then we tie him to a chair or something"

We finally managed to get him in the 'front room' and manage to find some rope in the closet with the glass outside it.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" asks the forever annoying ’Esmeralda’

"Look we all want to know why we are here right?" I say.

"Well umm yeah"

"Then shut up and listen to me!"

At that point we hear moaning coming from thee corner in which we held ‘our prisoner' sounds like we are the bad guys here.

"Quick Lins cover him!" I say and she runs over while jumping into a tiger.

"What the... the?" he says

I walk over to him "Well why have you kept us here?"

The End

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