Kevin: What The...?

Whilst walking down this corridor, i heard laughing, then the laughing stopped and then came several footsteps, after that mumbling and then nothing. Since i was wandering, i started experimenting about what i could do, i point an open hand at the floor, then the floor started freezeing over. "Whoah" i yelped as i fell to the ground.

"Okay... concentrate" i mumble getting back onto my feet. I jumped up then did the same, I seemed to be doing some kind of flying, like wind surfing, on ice. After many minutes and attempts at trying to stay in the air for longer than 3 seconds. I went over to the room i was going to go into anyway, whilst doing my cool new move. As i went through the doorway, i saw 3 figures to my left, i instantly look to see 3 girls, the one in front with black hair, least i think it was black, cause thats all i saw after she punched me in the face.

I slipped along the ice, and went into a wall. I rebounded off the wall to fall down the stairs. I was out cold.

The End

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