Sapphire: another visitor?

So after our big scare we all sit down and laugh about how silly we all were being.

"You should have seen your face Esmerelda, it was such a picture!" I do my impression of her face, which is weird and crumpled, yet shocked, and we all fell about laughing, apart from her.

"Oh cheer up Ezzie" I say between laughter, "it's only a joke!"

"Yeah well it wasn't funny! and My name is Esmerelda, not Ezzie!" she then goes off in a bit of a sulk. Seriously, spoilt rich kid.

"So what are we going to do about trying to get out of here?" asksthe new recruit, Linsey Smyth.

"Well I think we need to explore, find a way out, then find out why we are here, then bring down these guys who trapped us here in the first place!"

To be honest no-one looked really exstatic about my plan, apart from Linsey, but as I am the assigned leader of the group, and no-one could think of a better plan at that moment they all agreed.


"What was that?" asked Kate.

"I'm guessing we have got company. Either in the form of another one just like us, a bugular breaking in through a window or it's a very clumsy henchman thing who was one of the people who helped trapped us here to begin with!"

"I'm guessing you want us to check it out?"asked Jadia, who aready new me too well. I don't know what it was about her but this girl was somone I liked, not the usual person I would have as a friend, but a really insteresting and genuine person none the less.

"You got it J! Right to be on the safe side we will split up. J and Kate you come with me, Ezzie you go with Linsey round the back way. Right lets go!"

"It's Esmerelda!"

"Well I find it easier to call you Ezzie so there!" I say and start running up the stairs.

Kate and Jadia realise that I was running so started to catch me up, when I suddenly stopped, and they both crashed into my back.


"Yeah what did you stop for?"

"Shh, I can hear them. Get back up against the wall" As I said this the figure's shadow loomed closer and closer...

The End

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