Kevin: Cool

"Ugh... Where am i?" i moaned as i lifted up my head. It was only moments after till i hit my head onto the top of where ever i am. I used my arms to feel all over and then some thing creaked open. I was in a cupboard?!?

"Whoah, that must of been some night" i struggle over, so i could sit up. I hit my head again. After that the cupboard gave in falling off the wall. Could this day get any worse, already??? I stand up and brush of the dust from the floor off my jacket. I reach into my pocket and took out my glasses, then i looked into the mirror in the corner. "Man im awesome" i say to myself.

I then go to the door... locked. Am i in hell? Feels like it. I try to open the door for atleast 10 minutes before hitting my head onto it, and just let out a long, hard, and rather cold sigh... within seconds the door seemed to have frozen. Frozen solid. "Cool" I exclaimed

As if i was being watched i pretend like i knew that was going to happen, I flick my collar and punch the door, ouch.

Whilst im holding my hand in my other one, the frozen door cracks and then collapses. As i make my way out of the room i could hear voices, echoing from down a corridor, so i went towards the voices.

The End

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