Jadia: New...Girl?

As they entered the sitting room, a large tiger bounded in after them.

“Jadia!” Sapphire yelled at Jadia’s ‘incorrect’ direction-pointing.

The girls were clustered in front of an old TV and between two dirty pink floral sofas. Jadia saw, as she looked around for another exit, that the room itself had a very Victorian look to it, right down to the peeling green wallpaper.

The tiger growled again, but then its form changed. It suddenly transformed into a human girl right in front of their eyes.

"You all are going to pay for locking me up." She snarled. Then she laughed, a bitter, hateful laugh, reeking of revenge.

Huh? Thought Jadia and she heard some of the other beside her gasp too. Before any of them had time to react properly, though, the girl re-transformed, this time into the shape of a large, ferocious bear.

But as the creature reared up and lunged for the screaming Esmerelda, Jadia suddenly understood.

She jumped in front of the bear and threw out her hands.

“Wait! You don’t understand! We didn’t trap you in here. We’re in the same position as you are.”

The ‘bear’ gave her a puzzled look (if bears could give looks) and transformed back into the girl. She had brown (or were they red?) hair and eyes and was wearing denim shorts and a lovely white top that suited her well. When Jadia looked at her, she wouldn’t have known that there was anything interesting about her but underneath the girl seemed to conceal an amazing power.

The others started to sit on the either of the sofas, so Jadia cautiously lead the new person to one. I wonder how many more people have been locked up here. She thought.

The End

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